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At Evoke Neuroscience, our goal is to improve people’s health, performance, and quality of life with cognitive improvement tools that are accessible, affordable, and easy to use.

Evoke Neuroscience was formed in 2009 by research scientists, clinicians, medical doctors, and business professionals dedicated to developing and delivering the most important advances in brain science. Our three founders have more than 60 combined years of expertise in the assessment and training of elite peak performance, concussion, brain injury, and optimizing healthy aging.

We are committed to solving the current gap in comprehensive brain assessments and training solutions. Evoke Neuroscience’s systems use multimodal brain evaluations, support training, and rehabilitation solutions so sophisticated, they are just now becoming available to the public.

Evoke Neuroscience is an FDA Registered Establishment and is compliant with all FDA standards, meaning that all of our business policies, procedures, and products align with the FDA and are subject to FDA audits. In addition, our facility goes through a rigorous and ongoing auditing process and is certified by BSI (ISO 13485:2003).

Evoke Neuroscience is committed to our goal of earning and maintaining the trust of our valued customers. At Evoke, we recognize the importance of providing exceptional customer service and building a partnership with our customers. We believe our first responsibility is to the doctors and patients who use our products and services.

Measure, track, and train the brain in the office
Technologically Advanced / Easy to Use
Developing advanced neurotechnology that’s accessible and usable
A leadership team with decades of experience in medicine and applied clinical research

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inc-500ISO 13485 CertifiedThe eVox system is a biofeedback device not intended to act as a diagnostic tool. The assessment component of the device provides valuable information on patient physiology associated with underlying neuropsychiatric pathologies that physicians can use as a tool, along with medical expertise and the patients’ relevant medical history, to make better informed decisions regarding a patient’s health and to plan individualized biofeedback.

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