Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is eVox® neurotherapy covered by insurance?

Neurotherapy is reimbursed by some insurance providers. It is also commonly performed as a cash-pay procedure.

What is the eVox system?
  • faqThe eVox system is a device that provides biofeedback data to help physicians objectively measure and optimally manage memory loss, cognitive impairment, and other stress-related conditions.
  • The eVox system is a state-of-the-art hardware and software system that allows for training of the brain and cognition using electroencephalography (EEG) and electrocardiography (ECG).
  • The eVox system is designed to help facilitate early and continuous understanding of changes in cognitive function.
  • eVox allows primary care physicians and specialists to monitor dynamic changes that take place throughout the brain during cognitive processing tasks.
  • eVox does not require a physician to operate the device.

What is included in the eVox system?
  • The eVox system includes the workstation hardware, software, and disposables to collect and train electrophysiology.
  • The hardware includes a laptop computer (pre-downloaded with eVox proprietary software), eVox amplifier, patient response button, USB charging cable, 2 reusable EEG/ECG recording caps, and ear buds.
  • Disposables include electro-conductive gel, syringe, blunt tip needles, alcohol swabs, ECG sensors, NuPrep skin preparatory cream, and orange sticks for cap cleaning. The stocking order of disposables is cost effective and supports approximately 15 to 20 patient sessions.

Where can I purchase additional supplies for my eVox system?
  • Additional supplies are available for purchase from Electro Cap International by calling 800.527.2193. A complete list of supplies is provided with your eVox system.

Schedule a Free eVox Clinical Demonstration in Your Office

Schedule a Free eVox Clinical
Demonstration in Your Office

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ISO 13485 CertifiedThe eVox system is a biofeedback device not intended to act as a diagnostic tool. The assessment component of the device provides valuable information on patient physiology associated with underlying neuropsychiatric pathologies that physicians can use as a tool, along with medical expertise and the patients’ relevant medical history, to make better informed decisions regarding a patient’s health and to plan individualized biofeedback.

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