eVox® for Cognitive Measurement and Management

The eVox system is a state-of-the-art hardware and software system that allows for an objective and expansive functional measurement and training of brain and cognition. eVox facilitates early and continuous understanding of changes in cognitive function.

eVox® for Cognitive Assessment and Management

The eVox system includes:

  • Workstation with a 24-channel amplifier
  • Assessment and treatment software
  • Two reusable EEG/ECG caps
  • Assessment and treatment supplies
  • Secure physician’s web portal access

Objectively Manage Memory Loss and Cognitive Function Over Time

Stress is a significant contributor to many diseases, including depression, anxiety, weight gain, memory loss and sleep difficulties. Reducing stress can be an important part of a treatment plan.

eVox provides clinicians with objective data that has a high degree of sensitivity in detecting subtle variations in brain activity and performance. This makes the eVox system useful as an adjunct to traditional subjective clinical assessments when managing patients over time. Without the eVox system, subtle variations from the norm and longitudinal changes may otherwise go undetected.

Objectively Manage Memory Loss and Cognitive Function Over Time

The eVox system may be particularly effective in understanding a patient’s response to therapy during the earlier stages of pathology. This is a time when early identification of physiologic changes and proper clinical intervention may delay the progression of disease.

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ISO 13485 CertifiedThe eVox system is a biofeedback device not intended to act as a diagnostic tool. The assessment component of the device provides valuable information on patient physiology associated with underlying neuropsychiatric pathologies that physicians can use as a tool, along with medical expertise and the patients’ relevant medical history, to make better informed decisions regarding a patient’s health and to plan individualized biofeedback.

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