Biofeedback: Treating the Underlying Problem

Rooted in the principles of applied neuroscience and evidence-based clinical practice, biofeedback is used to help address behavioral, cognitive, and other functions related to brain activity.

With the eVox System, doctors may:

  • Develop a personalized biofeedback treatment approach
  • Help patients attain healthier brain function
  • Resolve symptoms at the root of the cause

eVox Biofeedback uses an integrated hardware/software system to provide moment-to-moment information to a patient on the state of their physiological functioning. Based on this feedback, various principles of learning, and practitioner guidance, changes in the patient’s central and autonomic nervous system occur which leads to positive changes in physical, emotional, and cognitive sates. While traditional pharmacotherapies typically provide temporary symptomatic relief without treating the underlying etiology, eVox Biofeedback may treat the underlying problem by changing how the nervous system functions.

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eVox System for Neurotherapy

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ISO 13485 CertifiedThe eVox system is a Class II medical device that has received Section 510(K) clearance from the FDA. It is intended for the acquisition, display, and storage, of electrical activity of a patient’s brain including electroencephalograph (EEG) and event-related potentials (ERP) obtained by placing two or more electrodes on the head to aid in diagnosis. The eVox System has the added capability to be used as a biofeedback device, where such an intervention is indicated.

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